At Surefast, we can manufacture any type and size of Special Fasteners and Non-Standard Bolting in all commercial and high performance materials. You can view examples of the fasteners and bolting we produce below.

Bolts & Set Screws

Hexagon – Heavy Hexagon – Bi Hex 12 Point – Lifting Eye Bolts – Swing Bolts – Slotted – Square Head Bolts – “U” Bolts


Studbolts – Waisted Studs – Collar Studs – Engineer’s Studs – Allthread Studding


Hexagon – Heavy Hexagon – Cap Nuts – Impeller Nuts – All-Metal Self Locking – Nylon Insert – Lock Nuts – Barrel Nuts – Bi-Hex 12 Point – Lifting Eye Nuts – Castellated Nuts – Slotted Nuts – Dome Nuts

Machine Screws

Slotted Countersunk – Round Head – Pan Head – Phillister Head – Hex Head – Cheese Head – Captive Screws

Socket Screws

Socket Head Capscrews – Socket Shoulder Screws – Socket Setscrews (all points) – Socket Button Head – Socket Countersunk Screws – Socket Pressure Plugs


Round – Square Plate – Single Coil Spring Washers – Internal & External Shakeproof – Conical Spring –Tab Washers – Shims – Gaskets – Custom Pressings

The above list is far from comprehensive and is intended merely as an indication of the wide range of fasteners and bolting we can manufacture. To inquire about an item that is not listed here, you can call our sales team at 01902 454085.